Spread Spectrum Transceiver
This particular Transceiver is used for a wireless interconnection among 25 telephone units as well as their outside connection through an exchange.
3 GHz IF for Data Radio
This 3 GHz IF Printed Board is located in the Outdoor Unit (ODU) of a 26 GHz Broad Band Data Radio.
This unit enables the interconnection Between the Indoor Unit (IDU) and the ODU for the Bilateral transfer of Signals, Control Data and Sync Frequencies on a single Coax Cable.
Ultra Wideband Transmitter (UWB)
This UWB Transmitter installed on
a pen delivers wireless information
about the location of the pen.
Major parameters of the transmitters are:
Frequency – 5.5 GHz
Pulse Width – 1.0 nsec
Bandwidth – 2.0 GHz
R.F Laser Modulator
This is a VHF Modulator used to modulate laser transmitters.
The unit controls Amplitude (up to 1W), Phase, fast switches and includes power measurement.
Ka Band Up/Down Converters
These Up/Down Converters are used with mm wave point to point transceivers. Built from packaged products, they are characterized by low cost and improved reliability.