Telemetry Links

B.A. Microwaves' Telemetry Links are designed for operation in Aerospace environments where size, weight and power efficiencies are critical.

Transmitters are available in 1, 2, 5 & 10 Watt Power levels , at frequencies of UHF to C-Band .
Rugged design , followed by Environmental Testing, ensures that
units withstands Mil-810C requirements.

Receivers are built in 19" Rack Mount Package , and include supporting features of operational parameters :
Bit Synchronizing , RSSI Indication , IF Filtering options and more.
Dual Channel Receiver available (Optional ).

Telemetry Tx\Rx

Telemetry Links units include a series of airborne transmitters and
Lab \ Rack Mount receivers.
UHF, L & S Band transmitters are rugged and designed to withstand
Flight Tests environmental conditions according to Mil-Std-810C .