BA2006-T-LAB-2P2G2P3G – Dual


This 19′ drawer includes two Receivers with the following specifications.

Frequency: 2200 ÷ 2300 MHz
Noise Figure: 4dB max
LO Stability: ± 2.5 ppm ( over temperature)
RF Input impedance:: 50 Ohm
Image Rejection: 60dB min
IF Frequency: 480MHz
IF Bandwidth ( 3dB Typ): Selectable 4MHz , 10MHz ( Others optional)
Video Output level: 3Vptp
Video Output impedance: 75 Ohm
RSSI Output:: Virtual Analog meter ( or Bar Graph)
RF Connector: N- type
Video Output Format:: Unbalanced
Video Connector:: BNC
Supply Voltage:: 220Vac


Front Panel


Back Panel

  1. RF , video
  2. 220V AC , Fuse